February 2, 2019 feedback

Here's some of what our models or attendees had to say.

"I loved the venue. It provided lots of room and a couple of places where you could have a little privacy. It was a very happy party, too. Even when we were not involved in any foot-related activity we had great conversations, lots of laughs, some nice snacks and a lot of beautiful women to watch and adore." - Mark Kee, Customer

 "Honestly, I had such a wonderful time and definitely favored the atmosphere. I felt like I could be myself... I liked that there was no strict uniform at TFP...  In short, I enjoyed your event more than any other (foot party) I’ve been to so far!" - Experienced foot model Luna La Pisces

"Thanks to the beautiful ladies and Texas Foot parties for making this happen!  I will make the trip from Fort Worth again!" - Ryan


"I could wax poetically at length about what the @texasfootparties means to me.

The models I have met, and some of my fellow fetish enthusiast made these events memorable.

Big thanks to the organizers and the venue host, and of course, the lovely models from Amarillo, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and elsewhere.

With the help of these parties, I have learned how to ask for and receive consent. I am learning how to recognize boundaries, (be it verbally expressed or physically expressed yet still can improve) and continue to grow mentally from these interactions.

My private worship sessions went from zero, pre FTP, to at least one a month with one of five or so current or previous model attendees.

These parties are part of my self sooth kit as well as for personal growth and intimacy." - Regular customer Kenneth

"It was fun!" - Guest


November 17, 2017 FEEdback

Miss Crimson Rush cosplays as Misty from Pokemon for our cosplay theme party.

Overheard party attendee

"I'm not sure how old Misty is supposed to be in Pokemon canon but seeing her all tatted up, drinking beer, and holding a ball... My childhood fantasy is all grown up and I love it. "

Returning model Miss Kae Tee Sin

"These foot fetish parties let foot fans meet other fans and the models in a safe and private place.  A place where it is OK to enjoy your fetish without any worries."

Repeat tickling customer from Austin

"I absolutely loved the experience."

First time TFP model, from Houston

"Thank you so much for a fun and rewarding experience.  The other ladies were very nice and welcoming .The gentlemen were respectful and I felt very safe. Please keep me updated on any future parties. I am looking forward to the next one."


"I definitely had a great time! What a lovely gathering of beautiful people. Costumes were superb!

Pulling Ms. Roxy's foot out of my top hat was grand :)!  

The 'little lady' from Las Vegas, Aubrey - absolutely marvelous!  Delectable toes!  What a playful time and incredible latex costume that she makes.

Ms. Crimson Rush... Incredible! What a wonderful time with her.

Ms. Wednesday, Amazing!

and others that unfortunately I was unable to get to know or I can not recall your name :( as the mojo ran out; but, next time, and February would be a good time, I hope to bring much more mojo as I really would like to get to know all of you awesome peeps! Great time for sure and kudos to Scott, Ed, and Reign, et al;

House setting was very warm, friendly, accepting, and comfortable. The music was great!!! Toetally Excellent! Thanks for the Texas hospitality!

First time TFP model Kallisti

Thanks so much Scott, Reign, and everyone else! I had a great time -- so glad I got this wonderful opportunity to dip my toes into the Texas foot fetish party community. Everyone's costumes turned out great, and Reign's place was absolutely perfect for the theme. Looking forward to the next one! 

Sept. 9, 2017 Feeback

One happy guy enjoying the pretty, succulent, and suckable feet of several ladies at once at our first party.

Party model from San Antonio, Sept. 10

"OMG I had so much fun. Quite an enjoyable night & met lots of awesome people. So looking forward to more Foot Parties." 

Fetlife user and party attendee

"Thank you for having the foot party had a lot of fun. Hope there will be another one coming up soon." 

Party model from Austin

"I wanted to let you know that I had a great time at the party...I wanted to say thank you for letting me be a part of your new foot fetish party adventure." 

First time foot party customer

"Had a great time, it was my first foot fetish party.  Can hardly wait until the next!" 

First time foot model from Austin

"I did have a great time and I felt I did well for my first time. I look forward to seeing you and others again at the next party. I'm absolutely interested in being a regular, you all put it together so well and I felt very secure and informed." 

A tickling fan from Austin

"... the ratio of ticklish women was outstanding.   I wish I thought to bring more cash. I'll double my session spend for the next event."